Meet Our Supply Chain Team

Long-term relationships are key to a quality supply chain.

When you have long-term relationships with the best, and most dependable suppliers in the industry, you end up with the best and most dependable supply chain. When that supply chain is managed by the best, and most respected purchasing professionals in the industry – well you get the picture.

Tray Sample

Procurement Manager

Perhaps the main reasons you get the highest quality materials from Alliance is Tray Samples. Now in his 29th year at the company, Tray is responsible for buying materials, RFQ’s releasing materials, painting and slitting of material, inventory, rotating stock and vendor relations. He also handles Quality Control in regard to poor material, cost quotes and tracking MTR’s for audits. All of that is to say Tray’s job is to ensure that Alliance gets the best material for its customers.

Jeff Coppernoll

Procurement Specialist

In charge of purchasing and vendor relations, Jeff works with vendors daily to ensure the shop has everything needed to complete each job, and to get the best price and the best products in the industry. Working with each Alliance team, he provides support in customer service, detailing, sales, and estimating to provide quality control  to meet, and exceed industry standards. Jeff has been with Alliance for 20 years.

Trish Harvey-Edwards

Scheduling Manager

If it has much to do with time and production, Trish Harvey-Edwards is probably in the mix. As Scheduling Manager, she coordinates Sales, Engineering, Drafting, Production, Shipping and customer initiatives to ensure on-time delivery, as well as scheduling the shop to maximize production and maintain efficiencies. And since she understands the scope of work and building plans of projects, she develops load schedules to assist building timelines and manages expected revenue with the finance team. Time is money for Trish and Alliance.

Madison Mueggenborg

Inventory Manager

Madison manages Alliance’s inventory control system, which includes maintaining inventory, data construct and inventory audits, inventory reporting and inventory reduction recording. She plays a pivotal role in customer service by ensuring the correct quantity and quality of materials is always in stock.

Daniel Wilkinson

ASG Materials Manager

In his analysts role, Daniel calculates and coordinates large scale purchasing, tracks steel pricing and updates material pricing for the business model,  calculates productivity measurements throughout the organization and manages communications between the IT and manufacturing departments. And on top of that he is constantly searching for the best material prices to pass down to Alliance customers.