Jimmy P. Cochran, P.E.

Senior Engineer

As a senior engineer, Jimmy is a designer extraordinaire. A 37-year engineer, he provides quality customer service with accurate, clear and timely designs for ASI building projects.

Charles Phillips

MBS Developer

New to ASI, Charles is a 40-year industry professional senior draftsman in charge of drafting and checking drawings for multiple client projects. His dedication to ensuring accuracy in drawings is just an example of ASI’s quality customer service.

Dean Norton

Senior Drafter

Dean Norton sweats the details. As a senior drafter, the 42-year industry veteran checks approval drawings, permit drawings and often shop jobs to ensure projects are perfect as they progress through the process. Maintaining good relationships with his Alliance teammates ensures accuracy on all drawings to achieve customer satisfaction, a detail that can never be overlooked.

Mike Turner

Senior Drafter / Office Manager

With 30 years in the metal building industry, Mike has another dozen years in Architectural, Commercial Modular Buildings and Hotel Construction Services. Let’s just say, Mike knows the building business. He knows customer service too, reviewing for approval and permit drawings to ensure customers receive a quality product.