Joshua Gray - Quality Lead
  • June 13, 2024

Welcome to our ‘People of Alliance’ series, where we celebrate the dedicated individuals behind our success. Today, we spotlight Joshua Gray, our Quality Lead, who not only excels in his role but also embodies the values that make Alliance special.

Joshua is proud of the huge number of projects that Alliance has completed in his time with the company. He is even more proud of the people behind those projects because he knows it takes a special kind of person who can be successful at Alliance. People with distinct qualities and work ethic, people of character. Joshua always takes off his hat out of respect as he passes a cemetery, and he figuratively does the same thing when talking about the people of Alliance. It’s what makes him a good leader, and a good person. Hats off to you Joshua.

Joshua’s deep respect for his colleagues and commitment to quality leadership not only inspire those around him but also drive the continued success of Alliance. His approach to leadership and teamwork truly captures the spirit of what we strive for at Alliance Steel. Hats off indeed to Joshua, for leading by example and showing what it means to be part of our team.