Jared Lindsey - HSE Leader
  • June 24, 2024

Our ‘People of Alliance’ series continues to highlight the dedicated individuals who make a difference. Today, we’re featuring Jared Lindsey, our Health, Safety, and Environmental Leader.

When you’re Health, Safety, and Environmental Leader at a company, it’s nice to know that company emphasizes those initiatives with employees daily. In other words, Jared, Alliance has your back. Preventing injuries and illness in a large manufacturing setting can certainly be challenging, but Jared cites companywide employee buy-in, and a well-versed education and training program for employees as examples of how Alliance walks the walk concerning safety.

As for the industry, Jared says it’s still in growth mode, and for the company, it is safe to say he knows as long as they prioritize quality and safety, they will continue to be industry leading.

Jared’s commitment to health, safety, and the environment helps keep our workplace secure and thriving, ensuring that Alliance remains at the forefront of the industry.