Panel Types


Features a direct through-fastening system placing the fasteners in the low portion of the major rib creating a more asthetically pleasing look. PBA-panel provides strength without sacrificing appearance for wall, liners and soffits. Available in Alliance Steel Inc full line of colors- see color chart for your selection. Download the PBA Panel Data Sheet


The ideal panel for roof,walls, interior liners, decking, fascias, residential and agricultural applications. The through fastened PBM-panels' 3/4" low-profile with 6" on center major rib corrugations are designed for strength and versatility while providing an architectural look. The purlin bearing leg provides assurance that the metal to metal lap fasteners are seated properly for a weather-tight long term performance when properly installed. Panels can be reverse run to recess the fasteners into the flutes (major ribs) to shadow/conceal their appearance for soffits, fascias and liners. Available in all Alliance Steel Inc Standard (Weather X ) and Premium ( Fluropon) colors. Download the PBM Panel Data Sheet


PBR panels are Ideal for all locations including roofs, walls, interior liners, fascias, soffits and most other locations, PBR-panel features a purlin bearing leg to assure long term performance of lap fasteners metal to metal panel joinery connections when installed properly with the correct sealants. The rugged versatility of the 1 1/4" deep with major ribs at 12" on center panel coupled with the two (2) minors ribs between the larger rib design allows the product to perform well in most applications while excelling in others, The PBR panel  is available in a thirteen (13) standard S-P (Weather X) 40 year colors, fourteen (14) fluropon (kynar) - Premium (35 year) Colors and  various gauges. This is the through fastened panel of choice for designers, owners and builders. Download the PBR Panel Data Sheet

LT 3.3 Panel (7.2)

The LT 3.3 panel symetrical design allows for dramatic shadow lines to accent any project. The 1 1/2" deep flutes help conceal the exposed through fastener locations while providing performance and strength. The panel is excellent for roof, walls, canopies and many other applications. Panels are normally installed vertical, however, the material can be erected horizontally- (contact ASI for details) Available in several gauges and colors. Download the LT 3.3 Panel Data Sheet

ABT-32 Panel (PBC)

The ABT- 32 panel echoes back to the days of simplicity and function. The profile design lets designers utilize the latest substrate (galvalume -25 year) and paint technologies (40-year and 35-year paint systems) while preserving the look of nostalgia. The panel  can used for practically any application design whether roof, wall, liner or fascia accents. The product is available in all ASI colors and various gauges. Download the ABT-32 Panel Data Sheet

IP-36 Panel

The IP-36 panel is a perfect fit for residential or agricultural applications. The panel can span open steel (4'-0" on center) wood  framing (3'-0" on center) or be applied to directly over   waterproof membrane on any type of decking. The 7/8" deep capillary major rib spaced 9" on center with two (2) minor ribs provide an excellent residential/agricultural design opportunities. The longevity of the galvalume substrate coupled with the latest paint technology systems up to forty (40) years assures the purchaser/end user of long term use and performance. The panel is available in the full Alliance Steel Inc color offerings and in various gauges. Download the IP-36 Panel Data Sheet

Alliance Wall 16 -AW 16 Panel

The Alliance Wall 16 (AW-16) panel is a concealed fastener wall panel. The panel can be applied over blanket insulation with a clip or a fablock fasterner. The fluted panel face provides a pleasing compliment to any standing seam or through fastened roof panel. The panel design allows for maximum girt spacing while providing strong secure wall construction empowering thr overall project design. the profile is available in the full range of ASI colors and various gauges. Download the AW 16 Panel Data Sheet

Alliance Seam 24 -AS24 Panel

The Alliance Seam -24 (AS-24) trapezoidal rib design provides excellent performance on any roof pitch especially low. The panel requires the ribs to be mechanically field seamed assuring one of the best weather performing standing seam design in the industry today. The panel can be utilized in ice and snow country as well as provide some of the best uplift rated /tested values for coastal or high wind requirement areas. The panel design has been in service many years providing excellent performance results in all applications- open framing composite. AS-24 is a complete Standing Seam Roofing System that offers ease of installation and the security of weather-tightness at a reasonable cost. AS-24 is available in ASI full range of colors and various gauges. Download the AS24 Panel Data Sheet

Alliance Lok 16 - Alok 16 Panel

Alliance Lok -16 (Alok-16) is a 2" vertical rib panel that offers 16" of in place coverage. The Alok-16 panel simple vertical rib design allows for freedom of design for hips, valleys, dormers  and other architectural roof features. The panel requires mechanically field seaming which assures the designer, owner and erector a  long term leak free perfomer when correctly installed. Alok-16 can be installed over open framing on 5'-0" centers while maintaining maxium uplift ratings even in the corner and edge zones in high wind/costal areas. The panel can be utilized from ice and snow country to high wind coastal areas with excellent performance results with out having to adjust the purlin spacings from 5'-0". The panel has been tested for all applications from open subframing, wood deck and composite systems. A revolutionary roofing system that offers simple seaming and outstanding weather-tightness protection under all roof loading conditions. Alok-16 is available in all ASI color offerings and several gauges. Download the Alok 16 Panel Data Sheet

Narrow Formed Seam 16 - NFS-16

Narrow Formed Seam -16 (NFS-16) panels allow flexiability of design and creativity for the owner and their architect. The panels may be installed over open framing at 4'-0" centers or solid substrates such as wood deck (5/8" minimum) with the UL 90 clips placed at 3'-0" on center. The intergal built in locking leg of the panel design does not require any field seaming of any nature. The ease of installation makes this panel an erectors favorite while the architectural appeal makes it an owners dream. NFS-16 makes an excellent roof but , can make any fascia stand out. The panel is available in all ASI colors and in several gauges. Download the NFS 16 Panel Data Sheet

A12 Soffit Panel

The A12 is primarliy utilized for soffits, however, can be used for fascias and interior liners, The panel is available in either a flat or with stiffener accent beads at 4" on center running parallel to the side lap joinery. The panel features a concealed fastening system and interlocking sidelap design. The panel may be supplied in perforated .024 aluminum in either White or Light Stone  S-P paint system for areas that require ventilation. The non-preforated A12 steel panel 24-gauge is available in all ASI color offerings of standard colors. Download the A12 Panel Data Sheet
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